Quiet and nice suction.

I haven’t actually got to pump with it (I’m pregnant and too early for nipple stimulation because of my risks) but I felt it and it felt great compared to the super powerful and painful suction of the Evenflo single electric pump. It’s very quiet and makes little beeps when you press a button but hose beeps aren’t loud enough to wake a child (I did this when my 16 month old was napping). It’s very light and I also got the on-the-go tote with the cooler and it’s all light enough in the tote bag for me to carry on my own (I’m currently on a 10 lb restriction) so I know I can carry it to the hospital before the baby is born. I cannot wait to actually use it for the first time! I also love how you can adjust the suction power easily and quickly (as opposed to the Evenflo pump I referenced earlier)

Reviewed by Kaitlynn on May 16, 2019, 3:11 p.m. | Permalink

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