Weighted Blanket - 15 lb - 60 x 80"


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  • Premium Material -The AsFrost weighted blanket is made of breathable natural cotton, which would make it cooler and more durable than a normal blanket. The filling is environmental non-glue polyester padding and Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless Glass Beads.
  • Recommended Size / weight -The heavy blanket with three sizes and weights for your choose. The weight of the blanket you order should be 7%-13% of your weight, which would help you sleep better. Besides, the weighted blanket can help you sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Choosing a suitable weight would make the most of the blanket.
  • New Techniques -Weighted Blanket have adopted new sew processes: 1. The pockets are smaller and evenly filled with eco-friendly, sand-size pellets that can provide even weight to the entire body. 2. Extra lining has been added in the blanket, which avoids tears and leakage of beads. You can never worry about being awake in the mess.
  • Services -We have professional QC team, they strengthen quality inspection to each product for product quality. Any question about our product, we will make it right for you!
  • Please do not use it for children under 5 years old.
  • Seniors should ensure that they can open the weighted blanket independently
  • Protect your blanket from direct sources of heat, as heat could damage the glass pellets inside.

Are you Suffering From Insomnia?

With the increasing pressure of work and life, high quality deep sleep has obviously become an important but simple way to reduce stress and sleepless pain,and ensures you can work happily the next day.

Maybe you can choose cigarettes, coffee,Alcohol to refresh yourself, but these are extremely harmful to your body and you are easy to get addicted to them.

Sleeping with a weighted blanket may be the best chioce for you .The continous pressure on your body from the blanket can calm your anxity,and reduce stress,depression,hopeless,making you easily enjoy an imaginative and extraodinary sleep experice.

Breathable Cotton

Outer layer is made of natural cotton that is gentle on your skin and soft to touch ,which makes you feels like gentle embrace and incredible comfort and ensures no stuffiness in blanket. What's more,2 layers of cotton fabric is perfect for body temperature, keeping you cool during summer and warm during winter.

Micro Glass Beads

The weight is from densely distributed glass beads.Deep touch and continuous pressure of about 10% of the body weight will stimulate every stress point on your body.A long-term sleep with a weighted blanket will reduce levels of the stress hormone,increase Serotonin and Melatonin of your body,making you easier to enjoy a deep sleep and relieving you from gloominess anxiety.

New Sewing Technology

High-density sewing technology prevent the loose of the thread and leakage of the beads.The Stitches are neat and tight. This sewing process ensures glass beads evenly distributed in the blanket . Exquisite sewing makes more comfortable when you touch the blanket. No issues with stitching makes blanket look more beautiful and durable.

Smaller Pockets

3.5*3.5 inch smaller pockets design makes more glass beads filled to reduce the friction noise. The glass beads are evenly distributed in every separate pockets,making our body get even pessure and glass pellets never leak. Constant temperature and silence help you fall into restful sleep faster without interference.

Please Kindly Notice
  1. Please do not use it on kids or children who can't move the blanket by themselves.
  2. It usually takes 3-7 days for your body to adapt the weight of a weighted blanket.
  3. To maximize the life of your weighted blanket,we recommand hand wash with cold water and dry clean. It is recommended to use with a detachable duvet cover.
  4. Weighted blanket is sold without a cover,so please buy separately for easy cleaning.
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