BelleMa Plenitude Double/Single Electric Breast Pump


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  • BelleMa Plenitude Double/Single Electric Breast Pump
  • BelleMa Plenitude Double Electric Breast Pump with Tote Bag and Cooler Pack (Value Pack)
  • Innovative 3d pump system(patented): Imitate a baby's feeding behavior (massage, squeeze and suck) just like an infant.
  • Closed system anti-backflow, double-pumping ability, choose from single or double mode.
  • Touch screen easy to use, build-in rechargeable battery runs upto 4 hrs., memory feature remembers preferred settings.
  • Unique soft liquid silicone cushions for gentle massage and comfortable pumping, fda approved bpa free.
  • 2-phase pumping: Stimulation & expression, one year limited warranty.

California Customers:

This product is exclusively for ADVANCED HOME MEDICAL customers in California. You may eligibal for a free breast pump. To check your eligibility or get more information, please contact +1 (909) 569-9013.


Plenitude Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump

Whether you are at home, work or traveling, the BelleMa Plenitude Hospital Grade Double Electric Breastpump is ideal for moms on the go. Offering a two-phase mode, 9 adjustable suction levels, a patented 3D Collection Kit, and silicone cushions designed to massage and stimulate breast for maximum milk let down, this high-quality breast pump provides unmatched efficiency and comfort.

Natural Motion Rhythm Technology:

The two-phase mode mimics the rhythm of a baby's natural pulling, squeezing, and sucking motions.

2-Phase Mode & 9 Adjustable Suction Levels
  • The stimulating mode with a fast and shallow suction simulates a baby's pulling and squeezing motions.
  • The expression mode with slow and deep suction simulates a baby's sucking and swallowing motions.
Silent Breast Pump, Use Freely
Pump Anywhere, Home or Work, with the Quiet Design of BelleMa Breast Pumps

The quiet design with less than 60 dB of working noise creates a private space for mothers who can use the breast pump freely at home / travel / office without worrying about disturbing colleagues, family, or a sleeping baby.

Soft & Comfortable Silicone Cushion, Pleasant Experience
3D Silicone Massage Cushion with 3-Ring Frosted Design, Massages Breasts and Stimulates Lactation
  • The 1st ring, a transparent and smooth ring, massages the middle of the breast.
  • The 2nd ring, a frosted ring, massages the mammary areola.
  • The 3rd ring, an extending ring, massages the nipple.
Quick Assembly Guide
  1. Have the pump motor and all accessories ready.
  2. Attach the 3D silicone cushion to the breast shield, press the edge without leaving a gap. You will now have a complete collection kit.
  3. Insert the silicone diaphragm on the top of the collection kit, screw the cap tightly to prevent air leak.
  4. Screw the collection kit onto the collection bottle, seat the bottle in the bottle stand, and fasten well.
  5. Plug one end of the tubing connector to the collection kit and plug the other end to the pump motor, make sure both ends are connected tightly, otherwise suction may be affected.
  6. Connect to the power adapter and plug in.

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