LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method)…the best Contraceptive!

Have you heard that Breastfeeding full time is the best Contraceptive Method? This method of a Short-Term Family Planning is called LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method). Scientific studies globally by the Institute for Reproductive Health, Lactation Researchers and other organizations have proven that LAM is 98-99.5% effective than any other artificial methods of birth control.Let’s talk about LAM. This short-term Method was created to allow women to depend on breastfeeding as the safest way of birth control or to delay pregnancy. The concept evolves on the premise that ovulation is suppressed in a Full-time Breastfeeding Mom as long as the Baby suckles at the breast .The more you nurse your Baby, the more Prolactin level increases and this delays ovulation.  

LAM uses 3 measures of a woman’s fertility:

  • Return of her menstrual period
  • Her Breastfeeding Patterns
  • Time Postpartum

Moms, remember LAM is short-term!  Do it right and it can be very effective. Here’s how:

  • Just keep on Breastfeeding, 6-8 times a day – No Schedules!
  • Milk-Making Hormones that stops ovulation is from 1am-6am. Sleep with your Baby and nurse them between these times!
  • Don’t use Bottles, you must breastfeed!
  • Delay Solid Foods until age 6 months.

When is LAM no longer effective?

  • Your Menstrual Period returns
  • You begin feeding your Baby other liquids or foods regularly
  • Your Baby sleeps through the night already
  • Your Baby is older than 6 months.

When is LAM not advisable?

  • Your Baby has a specific metabolic disorder
  • You are taking mood-change drugs
  • You are using reserpine, ergotamine, antimetabolites, cyclosporine, bromociptine, radioactive drugs, lithium or anticoagulants.
  • You have AIDS or HIV+
  • You have an active case of Tuberculosis

This information was gathered from the original website of the Institute for Reproductive Health, a project funded by the USAID.