How to Find the Right Breast Shield Size


In order to find the optimal size flange for you, you can measure your nipple diameter by using a ruler or measuring tape. Measure your nipple diameter starting at the base, not including your areola.  (1cm = 10mm )

After measuring, the Diagram above will guide you to your nipple size:  

Moms,  heres one important thing to remember when it comes to breast flanges,  One Size doesnt fit all!  Make sure you use a breast shield that fits your nipple size.  This is very important not just for comfort but also for pumping efficiency. Using a breast shield that is too large or too small can significantly reduce the amount of milk you can pump and will not be comfortable.  

Breastshields or commonly known as flanges are integral parts of a breast pump.  Proper fitting is essential for the mothers comfort and effective milk production. Do not assume that the flanges that come with the breast pump is a one size that fits all.  Nipple sizes vary and it may even change after you have delivered your baby. There are even occasions when a mothers left nipple has a different size than the right. 

BelleMa standard breast shield size without the silicone cushion is 27mm. This flange size are what most mothers require. If your nipple size is about the diameter size of a nickel,  then 27mm will fit you. If you have smaller nipples, smaller than the size of a nickel you may do better with the silicone insert which will make the flange size to 24mm.  Once you have determined your nipple size,  you may or may not need the silicone cushions which come with your breast pump. 

Continued use of a too-small shield can cause damage to the nipple and may even lead to infection. Too tight of a flange can interfere with proper drainage and may result to plug ducts. Too large of a flange is not any better either.  When a shield is too big for a nipple, excess breast tissue is sucked into and compressed by the walls of the shield.  The ducts are pinched and this strangulation effect causes flow and drainage to be suboptimal.  All of these effects is the cause of shorter breastfeeding duration and less milk getting to baby. 

Dont let this discourage you, but be encouraged that there are different sizes that will soon be available at BelleMa.  Keep checking by visiting us at