Dad…Three makes a Team!

Breastfeeding and Baby Care is not just for Mom.  Dad, you play a major role too!  Breastfeeding can be challenging as it is for Mom already.  Dad’s support is very vital at this stage.  Don’t feel alienated just because Mom is breastfeeding your Baby.  The Baby is very much yours as he or she is to the Mom’s.  Be happy that your Baby is getting fed the best through breastfeeding and show your love to both of them by engaging in the many activities you can do with your Baby.  Here are some ‘Bellema Tips for Dads by the Dozen’…

  • You can bathe your Baby and play with him or her while doing this.  Be consistent in doing this as your Baby starts recognizing your touch from Mom’s touch, your voice from Mom’s voice.
  • You can sing songs to your Baby while you are cuddling or carrying him/her. This is how babies start recognizing voices of who cares for them.
  • Take naps with your Baby. Be on a skin-to-skin with your Baby as you take naps together until he or she starts knowing you by your body smell and body feels.   
  • Read a simple Baby Storybook to your Baby over and over to make him recognize your voice.
  • Gear them up! From changing diapers to dressing them up, it creates that special bond between you and your Baby.
  • Once your Baby is comfortable in breastfeeding from Mom, you can feed your Baby with Mom’s Collection of Breast milk from the Refrigerator once in a while.  
  • Sit or lay down close to Mom and your Baby while she is breastfeeding.  This gives your Baby a sense of security that Mom and Dad are both there for him or her. 
  • Attend to your Baby’s cry in the middle of the night and hush her back to sleep.
  • Tuck your Baby at night to sleep, alternating with Mom so he/she can recognize and gets acquainted with her routine with you.
  • Make your Baby laugh…play ‘Peek-a-Boo’ or clap hands with him or her.
  • Be creative.  As you play with your Baby, do a one- style playful stunt over and over as he or she remembers that this unique stunt is only from Daddy.    
  • Gently touch or massage your Baby more often.  This relaxes and soothes your Baby and creates more bonding moments.